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We provide a wide range of VAT consulting services, including;

  • Consulting Advice –from general awareness to bespoke support with specific initiatives or transactions.
  • Reviews – identifying areas of risk before they become problems; areas of opportunity before they are missed.
  • Claim Support – assistance in realising identified opportunities through the submission of claims to HMRC.
  • Dispute Resolution – defending your filing position, to the VAT Tribunal and beyond, when HMRC contend that VAT has been underpaid.
  • Training – a more cost-effective way of transferring knowledge to a number of individuals in your organisation.
  • Planning – pro-actively assessing alternative filing positions, or the most appropriate way to structure a particular transaction, balancing VAT and cash flow efficiencies with commercial concerns.
  • Compliance – advice and support with routine applications and notifications to HMRC (e.g. VAT registration applications, options to tax, import deferment applications).